Call for papers on the history of interpreting

The International Review of Studies in Applied Modern Languages, under the aegis of the EMCI, will prepare a special supplement to its September 2016 issue on the history of all forms of interpreting.

Interpreting Along History

In the current fast-changing professional environment, taking the time to look at history can help us explore the past, gain a new understanding of the present, anticipate future developments and enrich the image of the profession both in the eyes of the insiders and of the general public. 

This is the context in which the Revue Internationale d’Études en Langues Modernes Appliquées/International Review of Studies in Applied Modern Languages decided to publish a supplement dedicated to various aspects related to the evolution of the interpreting profession in all its forms. We are inviting authors to submit articles which propose: 

  • comparative perspectives on interpreters’ status, roles, ethics, contexts, interpreting skills, techniques and training strategies at different times in history;
  • beginnings of professional conference interpreting;
  • profiles of interpreters who have played a role in shaping the profession;
  • interpreters as agents of subservience/resistance/change in history;
  • analyses of the meta-discourse on interpreters and interpreting throughout history;
  • interpreters of the past in literature, paintings, cinema or other arts.

We also welcome testimonies from interpreters who witnessed the beginnings of professional conference interpreting, especially in the very special conditions of the authoritarian regimes or the newly created international institutions of the 20th century.

We are inviting authors to submit reviews of books on the topic of interpreting history.


Materials can be written in English, French, German and Spanish and should not exceed 25,000 characters (bibliography, annexes and spaces included). The Word document shall be sent to by February 1st 2017.

The online publication of this special issue is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

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AIIC. "Call for papers on the history of interpreting". October 25, 2016. Accessed July 12, 2020. <>.

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