AIIC to hold its 37th Assembly in Valencia (Spain) from 10 to 14 January 2018

AIIC's Assembly, held every three years, brings together 3000 members from 100 countries in a dynamic, face-to-face setting.

Valencia 2018

Every three years AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) celebrates its Assembly. This time we’ll be in Valencia, Spain, to welcome members from around the world. We’re already working hard to make this a great event and bring together some of our 3000+ members from more than 100 countries in a dynamic, face-to-face environment. The Assembly is the supreme statutory body of AIIC, which is composed of individual members rather than being a federation of national associations.

Therefore, it’s a rare opportunity for members who are working together, often virtually, to come together and share the fruits of their labour. It’s also a great chance for the rest of us to learn about what’s going on in other regions and in the profession in general, as well as the challenges we and our partners and clients are facing in our various regions and markets.

For the 4th time running, Congress Rental Network will be a sponsor of the AIIC Assembly. CRN is a global network of congress equipment suppliers and provides technical solutions for all kinds of events using the latest Bosch Congress Systems and peripherals.


Our agenda will help us look back over the last three years and focus on planning for the next three. As well as the traditional administrative tasks and appointments to AIIC’s governing bodies and important committees, such as the Admissions and Language Classifications, Budget and Disciplinary committees, we will also have a forum for inclusive discussion in the form of a General Debate.

A discussion on “The Future of the Profession” is being prepared by senior AIIC members and a working group created by the Standing Committee of the Private Market Sector. Since early this year they’ve been researching and discussing emerging trends and looking at how they will impact not only the profession but also the users and buyers of conference interpretation. We’ve already seen some stimulating input from meetings in Casablanca, Morocco and Cartagena, Colombia, capturing the truly international scope of our membership and stakeholders.


Valencia and its magnificent Valencia Conference Centre, Palacio De Congresos, designed by award winning architect Norman Foster, is the chosen location for our next Assembly. Following on from the successes of recent assemblies in Buenos Aires and Addis Ababa, we’ve found a great combination of both host city and conference centre to maintain our tradition of offering an interesting destination for members to really enjoy their Assembly experience.

We’re impressed by the professionalism of the Valencia Conference Centre and the hospitality we’ve been shown. They understand what we need in terms of set-up and support, and have a great record of delivering outstanding conferences to their national and international clients.

About AIIC

AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters, is the only global association of conference interpreters and brings together over 3,000 professionals from every continent. Since its creation in 1953, AIIC has been the benchmark for conference interpreting and continues to promote high standards of quality and ethics in the profession whilst representing the interests of its members. This dedication ensures we constantly deliver quality service.

AIIC Consultant Interpreters can also provide invaluable experience in helping organise and manage your multilingual event. Recruiting interpreters can be a daunting prospect if you are unfamiliar with the language professions. It requires an understanding of factors like language combinations and practices of interpretation to define your needs. Consultant interpreters are just what you need to help you avoid the pitfalls when hiring professional interpreters.

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