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Training and conferences

After reading this issue's interviews, do you want to know more about what is going on in the world of translator and interpreter training?

In addition to AIIC's own information, you might check out Anthony Pym's homepage ( From here you can click on "List of Schools" to find programs by country (you are invited to make additions and/or corrections) or on "On-Line Papers" to see a list of studies, many on training-related issues, available on the Internet. You will also see a link to the On-Line Symposium on "Innovation in Translator and Interpreter Training" that was organised by Mr. Pym and others from 17-25 January 2000. At last glance, the 5 position papers and the few hundred comments received from around the world were still there for perusing.

Conferences in our field are also proliferating. A list of upcoming events related to translation, interpretation and terminology is maintained at . Here you are also encouraged to add conferences not currently on the list.

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Luigi LUCCARELLI. "Training and conferences". . Accessed January 29, 2020. <>.

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Andrew P. Klein


I was reading your Internet article and found it interesting for my career goal. I am enrolled at Suffolk Community College for a intrest in Interpreting for the deaf. As I came across your article I found that a Freelance career would be more suitable for me rather than teaching. I would like to know what my qualifications I am going to need in order to master in this career. If you have the time I would like to know what it is going to take to become part of your team.

Thank you for you time,

Andrew P. Klein

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