UN Sector World Sectoral Meeting on 7 April at ILO headquarters in Geneva

Relevant documents are now available for download and online registration is open.

Draft Annotated Agenda and other documents for the UN Sector World Sectoral Meeting, 7 April 2018, ILO headquarters, Geneva.

The following documents will be discussed at the World Sectoral Meeting at ILO headquarters in Geneva on 7 April 2018:

  1. Draft Annotated Agenda.
  2. Draft text submitted by the CEB on 22 December 2017, including the proposals the ND re-submitted to the organizations.
  3. UN Sector Standing Rules (Règlement intérieur) of the UN Sector, as amended by the ExCo in March 2017 to bring it in line with the Buenos Aires Assembly decisions regarding AIIC’s organizational structure.

All the documents are enclosed.

Pursuant to the Standing Rules, all documents are to be sent to the sector at least four weeks before the meeting. However, as negotiations with the organizations continue, we might get additional documents between now and 7 April, which we will distribute as soon as received. Upon request by the Negotiating Delegation, the ExCo has kindly agreed to waive such requirement.

Finally, we are pleased to inform that the registration process for the World Sectoral has been open. You may register at /meetings. We look forward to seeing many of you in Geneva.

Nerio Guerrero, Coordinator
UN Sector ND

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United Nations Negotiating Delegation. "UN Sector World Sectoral Meeting on 7 April at ILO headquarters in Geneva". aiic.net March 9, 2018. Accessed April 10, 2020. <http://aiic.net/p/8539>.

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