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AIIC Consultant Interpreters

Working collaboratively, we get better results for our customers and a better environment for us interpreters.

Do you want to be part of the most professional group of AIIC specialised service providers?

Do you want to benefit from sharing professional knowledge amongst the group?

Do you want to participate in valuable workshops?

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AIIC Consultant Interpreters Group    

About Consultant Interpreters

Directory of AIIC-accredited consultant interpreters (including a list of services provided)

Consultant Interpreters Standing Committee

Gisèle Abazon (Group Coordinator)
Raffaella Morosoli Sundermann
Laura Spertini
Pino Oberegger


Upcoming events

PriMS Upcoming events

Past events and documents of past events

PRIMS London on 12-13 January 2019

BIZORG meeting on 27-28 October 2018 in Brussels

BIZORG meeting on 10-11 June 2017 in Brussels

PriMS past events

Mandate & Rules of Procedure

New application: Mrs. Silvia Marloye has applied to join our group. She has been deemed eligible to become a member and if by 25 April 2019 there are no objections, she will be declared a full member.
For any questions contact us at aiic-consultants

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