50 years, 50 experiences

Each and every interpreter has a work-related story to tell, a special anecdote, an indelible memory that can be shared with others.

On the occasion of the association’s 50th anniversary in 2003, the AIIC Bureau will prepare a collection of such personal memoirs to illustrate the immense wealth of professional experience that we interpreters harbor.

Tous les interprètes de conférence ont une anecdote, un événement, un fait marquant ou une histoire à raconter. Le Bureau, à l’occasion du 50ème anniversaire de l’Association, prépare un recueil destiné à rendre compte de l’immense variété et de la richesse des expériences professionnelles des collègues.

Communicate! is pleased to introduce this series of remembrances with articles from three respected colleagues.

Henri Methorst, a nestor of our profession, offers an overview of his 50 years in the field of conference interpretation.
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Former AIIC President Christopher Thiéry examines who conference interpreters are and how they gradually made a name for themselves.
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And Ruth Hall, a founding member of AIIC, describes tangible results of her work as an interpreter.
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All interpreters interested in contributing to this project are invited to submit an article (3-4 pages maximum) to:

Michel Lesseigne
338 Avenue Slegers
BE-1200 Brussels, Belgium

Thanks go out to those colleagues who have already done so.

Les interprètes intéressés peuvent envoyer leurs articles (3 à 4 pages au maximum) à:

Michel Lesseigne
338 Av Slegers
BE-1200 Bruxelles, Belgique

qui remercie les collègues qui l’ont déjà fait.

Recommended citation format:
Michel LESSEIGNE. "50 years, 50 experiences". aiic.net September 30, 2002. Accessed November 12, 2019. <http://aiic.net/p/864>.

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Benoît Kremer


Quelle excellente idée de rassembler enfin des anecdotes concrètes et des avis de hautes personnalités de notre profession! D'une part, cela apporte une touche personnalisée (par ex. dans l'enseignement de l'interprétation), d'autre part, cela permet de jeter un regard précis sur le chemin parcouru. Serait-il également possible de demander à toutes celles et tous ceux qui ont vécu des expériences intéressantes de les relater? N'oublions pas les anecdotes humoristiques (souvent appréciées des journalistes susceptibles de nous interroger sur la profession).

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I am carrying out a research on "funny" aspects of the profession of interpreting and translating. This may range from personal experience (mainly) to notorious episodes, to well-known stories, jokes, etc. I am mainly interested in intercultural problems, but any other aspect will do, provided it lends itself to a light-hearted look.

I shall be extremely grateful - and shall obviously give credit - to anybody who can help me, either by sharing his/her personal knowledge or experience, or by suggesting me possible sources to consult.

Thank you very much.

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