A tribute to Silvia Camilo

Campaign to publish Álbum do Jovem Pianista by Fernando Lopes Graça, in honour of our much-loved colleague, Silvia

Since 2010 AIIC interpreter Sílvia Camilo devoted a great part of her life to her personal project: to publish the music of Fernando Lopes Graça, her godfather and one of the greatest Portuguese composers. 

Silvia was instrumental in the discovery and publication of Músicas Festivas, a CD & DVD collection of 23 piano scores —19 of which had previously not been published. 

However, sadly Silvia passed away on 2 April 2018, and was unable to complete the last part of her project. This consisted of donating scores by Fernando Lopes Graça to Conservatories and Music Schools so that the composer could be studied and played. 

His Álbum do Jovem Pianista (A young Pianist’s Album) is a set of "21 short pieces of medium difficulty" which combines his Portuguese cultural roots and rich musical creativity.  In 1953, however, the totalitarian regime withdrew his diploma as a private arts teacher. Fifty years after its publication in London, the Álbum do Jovem Pianista is yet to be published in Portugal, thus depriving young pianists of a valuable access point to the universe of the 20th century's greatest exponent of Portuguese music.

As a tribute to Sílvia and her magnificent endeavour, her friends and family invite you to participate in bringing about this worthy project so that — for the first time in Portugal —  the Álbum do Jovem Pianista may be published.

This campaign will end on 21 October, Silvia's birthday.

Find more information, and make a donation (in English, French & Portuguese)

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Angela KEIL


Message from Silvia's mother:


I wish to thank all my daughter Sílvia's friends and colleagues most sincerely for the messages of esteem and love dedicated to her memory.  

The ceremony in Brussels on October 5th and the speeches given there made a deep impression on this, her mother's, heart.  I am more on my own now, but your constant presence – whether in person or through written messages – throughout Sílvia's long period of illness was a great encouragement in the face of such great misfortune. 

For all of this, and also for your very generous contributions to the solidarity campaign to support one of Sílvia's last projects – the forthcoming publication of the “Album For The Young Pianist”, to be distributed to schools throughout the country – I shall be forever grateful. 

Thank you again, and all best wishes.

Maria Teresa Camilo  December 2018

(Thank you to Hugo Pooley and Javier Ferreira for the translation)


A todos os amigos e colegas da minha filha Silvia venho agradecer penhoradamente as manifestações de apreço e muito afeto dedicadas à sua memória.

A cerimonia de 5 de outubro passado e as intervenções nela feitas calaram profundamente no meu coração de mãe, agora mais só. Mas a constante presença - quer fisica, quer epistolar – durante o seu longo período de sofrimento valeram de forte alento para resistir a tanto infortúnio.

Por tudo isto e pela generosa campanha de solidariedade perante um último projeto da Silvia – a edição próxima do “Album do jovem pianista”, a distribuir por todas as escolas do país, para a qual largamente contribuíram, manifesto eterna gratidão.


Maria Teresa Camilo


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