Video: 'One Trial - Four Languages' – origins and future of the exhibition

Interview with Elke Limberger-Katsumi, curator of the AIIC exhibition on Nuremberg interpreters

One Trial - Four Languages

Photo credits: Elke Limberger-Katsumi / One Trial - Four Languages

The AIIC  exhibition "One Trial - Four Languages", which shows the history of interpreting at the Nuremberg trials, was displayed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in September 2018.

This video interview with the exhibition's curator, AIIC member Elke Limberger-Katsumi, explains the origin and future of the project. This English version was interpreted by AIIC member Dr Katherine Vanovitch.

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AIIC Communications. "Video: 'One Trial - Four Languages' – origins and future of the exhibition". October 29, 2018. Accessed April 9, 2020. <>.

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