AIIC events around the world - November

Photos from AIIC events, training sessions, seminars and get-togethers during November 2018

AIIC Netherlands - Seminar on RSI

Photo credits: AIIC Netherlands / Levan TOTOSASHVILI

Every month AIIC's regional bureaus, committees and groups host events and courses around the globe. Featured here are some glimpses of a few AIIC events during November.

AIIC VEGA BarCamp - Sao Paulo

Richard Laver, Vega’s representative in Brazil, organized a BarCamp in Sao Paulo on 24 November. The day included an  awareness-raising presentation, followed by round of presentations ranging from what interpreters should know about SI equipment to interpreting in very emotional circumstances. Participants discussed topics such as how much detail to include in quotes and tips on accounting. The 30 participants exchanged a wealth of professional experiences at a networking lunch, and both students and experienced AIIC colleagues enjoyed the collegiate atmosphere. 

Conference Interpreters' Day – Argentina

The Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters (ADICA) celebrated Conference Interpreters' Day in Buenos Aires on 20 November. In 2013 ADICA adopted a decision to start celebrating Conference Interpreters’ Day to commemorate the beginning of modern-day language interpretation, on 20 November 1945, the day on which the Nuremberg Trials began.

AIIC Luxembourg – Coffee with the President

AIIC Luxembourg invited members for a late-notice coffee with AIIC President Urus Peterc, at the European Court of Justice on 20 November. Discussion centred on what AIIC has to offer for staff interpreters.

AIIC Netherlands seminar on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting, The Hague

AIIC Netherlands region hosted a seminar on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at The Hague on 3 November.  The seminar was led by Klaus Ziegler,  Coordinator of the AIIC Technical and Heath Committee and a member of the AIIC Task Force on Distance Interpreting and the ISO Group.  Panelists included Rachel Brevier and Gaspar Obregon. A report will be published soon on this Blog.

Photo Credit: AIIC Netherlands / Levan TOTOSASHVILI

Photo credit: AIIC Netherlands / Sylvie NOSSEREAU

Photo credit: AIIC Netherlands / Levan TOTOSASHVILI

Photo credit: AIIC Netherlands / Sylvie NOSSEREAU
Photo credit: AIIC Netherlands / Levan TOTOSASHVILI

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