PRIMS is coming to London

Ten years after the 2008 AIIC Private Market Sector (PRIMS) meeting in London, PRIMS is coming back to Britain with an interregional meeting. And how the mood has changed!

PRIMS - London January 2019

Why London, and why an interregional meeting?

It might be the last chance to hold the meeting in this European centre, while it still is in the European Union!  With Brexit looming, London seems a fitting location to consider the changes and uncertainty that face our profession. At the heart of our discussions will be how AIIC interpreters in the UK and surrounding regions can plan and prepare to make the most of the opportunities and mitigate the risks.

Cooperation or competition among neighbouring regions?

The first Saturday morning session will explore the situation in the four represented AIIC regions: UK & Ireland, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. We’ll examine how members cooperate within and between regions. Come prepared to share your ideas on how to foster greater cooperation, and ideas to boost AIIC competitiveness. Perhaps joint campaigns to promote the Association? Or a common financial approach to competitive tenders? Or interregional training activities? 

A changing market, changing business models?

With the market going through a period of uncertainty, it might be strategic to think about different business models. Could it be effective for interpreters to form larger – perhaps interregional – groups, to gain greater negotiating power? This could be especially relevant in taking a united position on remote interpreting conditions. What do you think?

Quality & membership

A key advantage for clients working with AIIC interpreters is the assurance of quality. During the interregional market presentation session, we will discuss how quality is viewed across private sector markets, and how members go about marketing quality as a valuable selling point. We will also compare how the regions ensure that quality standards are maintained by their members.

Also up for discussion will be how membership is growing in each of the regions, sharing experiences on what approaches are working in attracting and retaining members.

Watch this space!

To learn more about the other sessions scheduled for our London Plenary meeting, keep checking the PRIMS landing page.

Register now!

The AIIC PRIMS meeting in London is on Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 January. There will be welcome drinks on the Friday evening before, with a presentation on the state of the art of the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Events) industry by Rob Davidson.

Please note – this event is for AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates only. Space is limited, and the 120 seats are being snapped up. So get in early and register now!

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