​Remote Interpreting: The next big thing?

Advances in remote interpreting technology are amongst the biggest recent changes for the profession. The PRIMS London meeting will help you to get up to speed.

Save the date! (NB: new venue)

Get into the game!

Whether we like it or not, there is a revolution taking place. The advances in remote interpreting (RI) technology are the biggest technological changes for the interpreting profession since the development of simultaneous interpreting equipment.

This year AIIC issued a position paper on Distance Interpreting, acknowledging this reality. The statement calls for a consideration of evidence that will set standards for working conditions that provide for both quality of interpretation and interpreter wellbeing.

Whether you have already tested these new tools, or you are just curious about what it takes to use them, the PRIMS London meeting will help you to get up to speed on what you need to know to be able to make the right choices.

Client demand & new blood

Increasingly, clients are going to request remote interpreting services, not necessarily to replace traditional on-site conferences.  A flurry of new needs are mushrooming on the market:  businesses where simultaneous interpretation was either too expensive or technically impossible are exploring the possibility of opening up to multilingualism. Examples include webinars, NGO meetings, company board meetings and many more. 

We are already seeing interpreting courses at universities putting more emphasis on remote interpreting. They are doing so, in part, to meet demand: students expect to be trained in the latest technology, especially since they know that this a growth area and will be part of their professional career.

If AIIC is going to attract this new generation of professional interpreters, we will also also need to recognise the changing realities of our technological environment. AIIC has a definite role in making sure that professional standards are maintained whatever the modality.

Getting to know the new players

One important step is opening a dialogue between the users of the technologies – interpreters – and the providers – the RI platforms. An honest and open exchange will benefit both parties.

To facilitate this, PRIMS has invited six platforms to a hands-on session, where interpreters will be able to try out the platforms: 

  • Catalava
  • Interactio
  • Interprefy
  • Kudo
  • Olyusei
  • VoiceBoxer

During the simulation session, four simultaneous discussion tables will be organised to foster sharing of information and creative thinking on four RSI-related topics.  This will be your moment to be creative and bold.

This will be followed by in-depth discussions:  AIIC’s Technical & Health Committee (THC) Coordinator Klaus Ziegler will give an overview of the technical guidelines; Linda Ballantyne will speak about the Canadian experience with RI, and Naomi Bowman (of DS-interpretation) will share some out-of-the-box thinking about the commercial aspects of remote interpreting.

Save the date!

PRIMS is in demand! We now have a bigger venue but available seats are filling up fast! 

The new venue is: IMO, 4 Albert Embankment SE1 7SR

The AIIC PRIMS meeting in London is on Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 January, with welcome drinks on Friday evening. Unfortunately, the Frday evening event is already booked out.  Entry will be reserved to those already on the list.

For security reasons, registration is mandatory! Also, don't forget to bring photo ID with you and plan to be at IMO at 8:30. The security procedure might take some time and we need to start at 9:00 sharp, we have a full agenda!

Visit the PRIMS Interregional meeting page for more information.

See you in London!

   - PRIMS Standing Committee

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