Tomorrow’s interpreters

The CACL ensures that new members meet AIIC standards. CACL's Klara Schrittenlocher joins the PRIMS London meeting to discuss current trends in admissions and ideas to attract new interpreters.

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The value of membership

AIIC membership is a mark of quality. Our clients and colleagues value the assurance of experience and professionalism brought by our membership. It is a reputation we should be proud of, and one we need to protect. The Committee on Admissions and Language Classification (CACL) is tasked with ensuring that new members meet these high standards.

Klara Schrittenlocher of the CACL will be joining the AIIC-PRIMS Interregional Meeting on the afternoon of Saturday 12 January to talk about current trends in membership applications and discuss how AIIC can attract new interpreters.

Welcoming a new generation

For young interpreters the admission requirements and procedures can be daunting. However, the requirements for sponsorship by active members and 150 days of experience are longstanding criteria to ensure proven professional experience.

We are interested in hearing from younger interpreters – members, candidates and pre-candidates – about any hindrances to their candidature, and how AIIC could better support them in the admission process.

Does AIIC membership offer sufficient value to younger interpreters, to make the cost – in time and effort as well as in dues – worthwhile? Do young interpreters still value membership of a professional association?  Are other forms of professional support more relevant: like online training programmes, alumni self-help groups, and virtual forums for interpreters? What could AIIC do to increase the value of membership for new interpreters?

A truly global association

AIIC and CACL are constantly monitoring the language combinations available in order to avoid gaps in language pairs. AIIC is represented in most geographical regions, and we strive to reinforce and extend our footprint. In order to live up to our mandate as the truly global association of conference interpreters, AIIC must attract new and young colleagues, while holding value to its members.

We are interested in learning from your experiences, in hearing your ideas about how we can do so.

Greater cooperation

PRIMS is strengthening cooperation with CACL and VEGA in order to build better understanding of the needs and concerns of interpreters working in the private sector and younger interpreters.

Greater cooperation with training programmes, and targeted BarCamps, could open an exchange of ideas so that students appreciate what AIIC has to offer, and we can adjust our propositions to be relevant to the needs of the next generation. (Other sessions at PRIMS London 2019 – on technological changes and remote interpreting – will stress the changing environment to which we must adapt.)

See you there!

The AIIC PRIMS meeting in London is on Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 January,

There are only a few places left – please hurry and register now!  

Please note the new venue: IMO, 4 Albert Embankment SE1 7SR

For security reasons, registration is mandatory! Also, don't forget to bring photo ID with you and plan to be at IMO at 8:30. The security procedure might take some time and we need to start at 9:00 sharp, we have a full agenda!

There will be welcome drinks on the evening of Friday 11 January.  Unfortunately, this event is already booked out.  Entry will be reserved to those already on the list.

 See you in London!

   — PRIMS Standing Committee

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