AIIC events around the world - February

Photos from AIIC events, training sessions, seminars and get-togethers during February 2019

Photo credits: Julia Poger

Snapshots from some of the numerous events involving AIIC's regional bureaux, committees and groups worldwide during February

Understanding hard English – Brussels

An interactive workshop by Selim Earls on 23 February analysed the sounds, articulation, phonetic transformations and stress patterns of challenging English speakers – both native and non-native. Knowing how these processes work can be useful in understanding such speakers under real working conditions. The workshop also gave tips to help interpret clearly and effectively into English.



Teaching Consecutive Interpreting – Paris

This seminar in Paris on 22 –24 February, led by Coordinator of AIIC Training Andy Gillies, looked at how the component skills that make up consecutive interpreting can be isolated and practised in isolation before being re-combined. It also addressed presentation, analysis, memory, note-taking, note-reading, and techniques for increasing the efficiency of classroom hours and increasing motivation in the classroom. Photo's courtesy of Gaspar Obregon and Julia Poger.

AIIC South America: Spanish C Course - Buenos Aires

The AIIC South America Spanish C course was held in in Buenos Aires from 11 –14 February with the collaboration of the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Instructor Olga ÁlvarezBarr delivered the course, with the participation of English and Portuguese A monitors, to interpreters from Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Chile, and France. The course offered intensive simultaneous practice into English or Portuguese, exposing attendees to varieties of Spanish from Latin America and the Caribbean, with a focus on accent, lexis, structure, and culture.

AIIC Training of Trainers - Rome

Led by Raquel Schaitza and Julia Poger, a seminar on "Feedback-giving: Honing our skills" was held in Rome from 1 – 4 February. The AIIC course offered a unique opportunity for trainers to think about the feedback and exchange experience, while discussing theoretical issues and doing practical exercises based on real student interpreting performances.


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