Rules of Procedure of Sectoral Meetings - Coordinated Sector

Updated June 2020

Article 1

AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates, as well as non-members working in the Coordinated Sector meet periodically at sectoral meetings of the Coordinated Organisations. Sectoral meetings are governed by the present Rules of Procedure, interpreted and applied in accordance with the Statutes and other AIIC texts.

Article 2


Sectoral meetings have the following powers:

  1. to decide upon all matters affecting the Sector, including but not limited to, the implementation of Agreements with the Coordinated Organisations;
  2. subject to the approval of the Executive Committee:
    1. to elect by secret ballot, from amongst the members of the Association, a Negotiating Delegation, which shall appoint its spokesperson among its members;
    2. to adopt the negotiating mandate for the renewal of the Agreement on the basis of a proposal by the Negotiating Delegation;
    3. to adopt the outcome of negotiations.

Article 3

Convening Meetings

Sectoral meetings are convened by the Delegation, together with the draft agenda. The notification shall be sent with sufficient prior notice depending on the chosen distribution method.

They can also be convened by the AIIC Executive Secretary, upon request of the Assembly or the President.

Article 4


Sectoral meetings are convened when the need arises, and shall be convened as statutory meetings before starting negotiations for a new agreement, as well as before a draft agreement is submitted to the Executive Committee together with the Sector’s opinion.

Article 5

Voting rules

Only AIIC members and candidates have the right to cast a vote. Pre-candidates and non-members have the right to speak.

Members and candidates may hold up to 9 proxies. Proxies shall be granted in writing and are nominative. They are entrusted to the secretariat of the meeting.

Article 6

Decisions et resolutions

A list of decisions and resolutions shall be made available to the members of the Sector and to the AIIC Secretariat for the Executive Committee.

Article 7

Validity of deliberations

The meeting shall be held from the time announced and any decision taken regularly in session on an item on the agenda shall be deemed valid. A list of persons present and represented is established. However, for statutory meetings referred to in Article 4, the meeting deliberates with a quorum of at least 70 members and candidates present and represented.

Article 8

Professional delegations

The Delegation may constitute a Professional Delegation with any Organisation in the Sector, on its own initiative or upon the proposal of the interpreters concerned. Whenever possible, one member of the Professional Delegation shall be a member of the Negotiating Delegation.

Any procedural matter not mentioned above will be settled by the Chair of the meeting in accordance with the Statutes and the Rules of Procedure of the AIIC Assembly and the General Document on Agreement Sectors.

Article 9  

Proposals to amend these Rules of Procedure shall be adopted by the Sector by a two thirds majority of valid votes and enter into force subject to approval by the Executive Committee, where necessary after legal advice.

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