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Make a donation in memory of Pilar, daughter of AIIC member Anna Rita Giammetta

On 10 March 2019,  AIIC colleague Anna Rita Giammetta lost her daughter Maria Pilar Buzzetti — who worked for the World Food Programme — in the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 crash. As a tribute, her family and friends have invited donations in her name towards a cause that was close to her heart — feeding the hungry:

“Those children need us,” my daughter Pilar kept saying. Her mission was to help African children and to do it above of all else.
Now there is a ploughed ground started with care and passion which is producing its first sprouting buds.  Pilar’s furrow is deep and fruitful and now requires sustenance for its crop to flourish.   
This gesture of charity is like a drop in the sea. A sea is made by many drops. Please help Pilar to accomplish her dream in Africa by donating today to “Los Peques de Pilar”. 
Many thanks for this gesture of love: we will soon become a big ocean.

To contribute,

  • Get the WFP’s ShareTheMeal app (for Apple or Android):  https://sharethemeal.org
  • Under “community” (the icon showing three figures, at the bottom of the screen) search for and select the team name “LosPesquesdePilar”
  • Select “Give for this Team” and choose your donation    

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