Showing collegiality – AIIC outreach at its best in Budapest

Reporting on VEGA Goes Budapest: A “Meet the (Vice) President” outreach event, AIIC’s Budapest BarCamp, along with VEGA’s interregional meeting.

VEGA – AIIC’s dedicated outreach group — held its first-ever interregional event on Friday 22 March at Budapest’s ELTE University, attracting around 70 students and interpreters from numerous regions.

Perspectives on the profession

In a last-minute programme change, the “Meet the President” event became “Meet the Vice-President”: we are grateful to AIIC Vice-President Paco García Hurtado for standing in for our President, Uros Peterc, who unfortunately was unable to be there. The participants nonetheless had a valuable chance to learn first-hand about the Association and the future of the profession.

The event began with a special screening of the film Chuchotage – set in an interpreters’ booth – in the presence of its director, Barnabás Tóth, who promised that there will be a sequel. He explained that Chuchotage was highly controversial in Hungary, and that he had been criticized for ‘offending our profession’.  However, some of those who had originally been shocked by the film have now come to appreciate its humour.

Tóth's comments provided the ideal preface to a presentation by VEGA’s coordinator, Claudia Cereghino, who offered a broad view of what makes a world-class interpreter, talking about perspective, quality and best practices. 

BarCamp – sharing experiences

The afternoon was devoted to a BarCamp organized jointly by VEGA and PRIMS. It was exciting to see that the BarCamp formula works anywhere in the world. Colleagues are always eager to learn from their peers and to share their experiences. 

This was a very successful interregional event, as it provided information on AIIC, on VEGA, and on ethics, quality and best practices, while offering participants the opportunity to share their experiences as well. The beauty of it all was that all relevant AIIC groups came together and participated actively – VEGA, PRIMS, CACL, CDP, and ExCo – giving a great show of collegiality.  Many students and colleagues approached us with questions about AIIC and how to join, so it was great to have our association so well represented. 

Spreading VEGA’s shining light

On Saturday, the VEGA Network held an internal interregional meeting, to share best practices from VEGA representatives around the globe. The agenda included discussions about how to grow the group and make it more visible to AIIC members and non-members, about the professionalization of its work, and about the design of a new mentoring initiative. Some members attended in person and some were connected via Zoom. Despite the different time zones, the members all joined in with great enthusiasm, making it a highly interactive and productive meeting. 

VEGA would like to extend special thanks to all AIIC members who, at the Valencia assembly, voted in favour of making this event possible. It was a much-needed and very fruitful experience for all. Thank you from all of us!


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