AIIC events around the world - April

Photos from AIIC events, training sessions, seminars and get-togethers during April 2019

Effective and efficient text preparation for simultaneous interpreting with text: Washington D.C.

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Snapshots from some of the numerous events involving AIIC's regional bureaux, committees and groups worldwide during April

AIIC Training: Effective and efficient text preparation for simultaneous interpreting with text: Washington D.C. 

A workshop on 27 April in Washington D.C. deepened particpants' understanding of the processes involved in simultaneous interpreting with text, analyzing the component tasks involved in simultaneous interpreting and explore text-preparation strategies before applying them in hands-on activities. Participants were shown basic speed-reading techniques with the potential of increasing interpreters’ reading speed by a factor of four.

AIIC VEGA Argentina – BarCamp: Buenos Aires

On April 27th, at the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, AIIC VEGA Argentina held an outreach session and BarCamp for young interpreters and new colleagues. Almost 50 participants actively participated in interesting debates, asking questions, expressing their fears and concerns and their willingness to start building their interpreting career.

AIIC France - Outils numériques pour interprètes / Digital Tools for Interpreters: Paris

On 6 April AIIC France held a workshop in Paris on the digital tools available to assist interpreters, including Computer Assisted Interpreting (CAI), and applications to digitize documents, manage glossaries, and online resources help in preparation. 

AIIC VEGA – Outreach in Turkey: Ankara

The national association in Turkey (TKTD), AIIC Turkey and AIIC Vega in Turkey jointly organized a two-day visit to Ankara, the capital, on 4-5 April. We talked about our profession and our professional organizations at Hacettepe University and Cankaya University addressing around 160 translation and interpreting students in total. We met with our TKTD and AIIC members on the first day, and non-members on the second day to discuss common challenges and share good practices. Many thanks to Bahar Çotur for organizing this engaging event! 


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