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From the editor – a brief introduction to this Issue

A tribute to beloved colleagues

In March this year AIIC and the interpreter community were devastated by news that three much-loved members, and the daughter of another, were amongst the victims of the horrific airline disaster in Ethiopia. This edition of Communicate! includes personal tributes to these colleagues, offered on behalf of all members. 

Remote interpreting

In a previous edition of Communicate! (Issue 72, April 2018), we published AIIC’s statement on distance interpreting. Since then the Association has also published a set of Guidelines for Distance Interpreting. A series of regional meetings with a focus on the topic has stimulated discussion and thought on what remote modes of interpreting can mean for the profession, and two articles in this edition – “The long view: AIIC and remote interpreting” and“Remote simultaneous interpreting: time to start a dialogue” – pick up on different aspects of that discussion.

One risk that is exacerbated by remote modes of interpreting is acoustic shock – a potentially devastating occurrence that unfortunately many AIIC members have experienced. In “The shocking reality of sudden noises” Gillian Misener discusses the risk factors and measures to counter them.

Advancing the profession

Meeting demand for professional interpreters in China has presented particular training challenges – and considered responses, as Matthew Perret and Yinying Wang describe in “Giving voice to 1.4 billion people”.

In 2017, AIIC Germany combined forces with the national professional association, VKD, to conduct market research to better understand client perceptions and needs. In "Keeping up with the growing German market", Sonia Hogl and Isabelle Raskin-Jeanneret share the survey findings, calling for intensified efforts to raise AIIC's visibility.

Then, in “Identify Yourself!”  the Advisory Board’s Brand and Visibility Group announce an upgrade to the AIIC brand, along with some new ways that members can promote their professional identity.


Two of the articles consider consecutive interpreting. Michelle Hof’s review of Consecutive Interpreting: A Short Course, introduces a new book by AIIC member Andrew Gillies. We also include an excerpt from “Les principaux aspects pratiques de la mission d’interprétation consécutive officielle” (originally published in Traduire), in which Gilles Ouvrard offers practical guidance in how to prepare for official consecutive interpreting assignments.

Regular features

This edition includes updates in our two ongoing series: in Imperial Intermediaries, the latest essay in the Looking for Interpreter Zero series, Christine Adams follows Karma Paul, the 1922 Mount Everest expedition interpreter. Julia Poger continues her Business of Interpreting series with FAQ 11: “How Do I Win the Bid”, with tips on how to recognize the jobs that you actually don’t want.

I hope that you enjoy Communicate! Issue 74: Proximity

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Martin Field is the AIIC Communications Officer, and editor of Communicate!

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