Rendez-vous à Montréal!

PRIMS has a busy agenda for the August meeting in Montreal – with a warm welcome planned by AIIC Canada

The success of the London meeting in January will be a hard act to follow, but PRIMS is rising to the challenge with the next AIIC PRIMS meeting scheduled for 24-25 August in Montreal. An exciting agenda of topical issues is being set, alongside a lively programme of training sessions and social activities laid on by the host region.

Talk quality with staff interpreters

The AIIC brand signals high-quality interpreting – whether by freelancers serving the private sector or staff interpreters working for public institutions. To explore how quality of interpreting is defined, measured, and can be used as a selling point, PRIMS is joining forces with the AIIC Staff Interpreters Committee for a one-day quality-centred session on Saturday 24 August, with the expert involvement of Elisabet Tiselius and the Mouvement Québécois pour la qualité.

Keep up to speed with professional developments

Sunday’s focus is on continuous professional development. Guest speaker Elisabet Tiselius will discuss how CPD and deliberate practice contribute to building our professional expertise. The AIIC Training and Professional Development group has also been invited to explain its role, and the future line-up of AIIC’s CPD programmes. Panel discussions will cover the ways that AIIC’s mentoring programme and interpreting practice groups can help you further develop your skills.

Alongside the PRIMS meeting, AIIC Canada has an exciting programme of outreach and training events.

Discover Canada’s linguistic diversity

Canadian French

Discover how Quebeckers, Acadians, and other French mother-tongue Canadians actually speak. Learn about bilingual English Canadians and Indigenous Canadians who do not strive to speak à la Parisienne

Indigenous Languages and Interpretation

Celebrate the UN International Year of Indigenous languages! Meet and learn about the experiences of Indigenous language interpreters, some of whom have recently provided simultaneous interpretation in Canada’s House of Commons.  

Prepare yourself for a safer and more beneficial career

Interpreter Health & Safety and distance interpreting

A one-day workshop on health and safety will cover protection from acoustic shock, unravelling some of the mysteries of interpreting technology, discussions with sound engineers, and a session on remote interpreting (with demonstrations of RSI platforms).

Marketing and negotiating for interpreters

You will also have a chance to join Julia Poger’s two-day “Know Your Worth” seminar, which will help you to improve your relationships with clients and prospects, gain more respect, and negotiate higher fees.

Catch up with old friends and make new ones

The Canada Region is organizing a Late Summer Cocktail on Friday, August 23rd at 18:00. A chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones over snacks and drinks. 

Please note – AIIC-Canada side events are open to all interpreters. PRIMS Saturday and Sunday events are open to AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates only. Space is limited, and seats are being snapped up.

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal!   


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