WTO vacancy: French - Spanish - English Interpreter

Application Deadline: 26 July 2019

The Secretariat of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is seeking to fill a position of Interpreter in the Languages, Documentation and Information Management Division.
General Functions  Under the general supervision of the Chief Interpreter, the incumbent will carry out the following tasks:
 1. Providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation from French & Spanish into English with a retour into either French or Spanish OR from English & French into Spanish with a retour into English, at all WTO meetings.
 2. Assisting the Chief Interpreter in coordinating staff and temporary interpreters and in training and evaluating new and junior temporary interpreters.
 3. Collaborating in all activities related to WTO terminology, and in particular help create and update glossaries; assume responsibility for the Section's reference material pertaining to WTO Bodies.
 4. Keeping abreast of developments in all subject areas covered in the WTO through extensive study of WTO documents and other related papers. 5. Acting as head of team and replacing the Chief Interpreter whenever necessary.
Education:  A university degree or equivalent professional qualification in languages, linguistics, economics, law or another relevant field; post-graduate degree or recognised professional qualification in interpretation.
Knowledge and skills:  A good background knowledge of international trade, economics and legal affairs. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the interpersonal capabilities (teamwork, communication, problem-solving and decision-making, quality of results/delivery, anticipation and initiative, flexibility/adaptability) that apply to international civil servants at the WTO Secretariat. 
Work Experience:  A minimum of 10 years' professional experience in interpretation at international conferences in a variety of subjects and particularly those related to the work of the WTO.
 (i) Active languages: English A  French Active B or A
 (ii) Passive language: Spanish C or B
 (i) Active languages: Spanish A  English Active B or A
 (ii) Passive language: French C or B

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "WTO vacancy: French - Spanish - English Interpreter". aiic.net July 12, 2019. Accessed February 18, 2020. <http://aiic.net/p/8840>.

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