Regulations of the Executive Committee concerning the award of the AIIC Malintzine Prize

Version 2017

Article 1
Establishment and designation

As decided by the 2006 Assembly and by the Council in 2005 and 2008, the AIIC-Malintzine Prize (hereafter ‘the prize’) is established. The present Regulations concern the conditions for awarding the prize.

Article 2

The jury responsible for awarding the prize shall comprise the Executive Committee in office when the nominations are reviewed, as well as former presidents of the Association.

Article 3
Frequency of the award

The prize is awarded at the AIIC Assembly or on any other occasion decided by the Executive Committee.

Article 4
Call for nominations

A call for nominations is issued to the Advisory Board members. They shall communicate to the jury ( the names of candidates submitted on behalf of their Region, their Regional Bureau or their group, as well as an explanation justifying the nomination.

Article 5
Selection criteria

The prize is intended to reward an individual (or a group of individuals) who is not a member of AIIC or an organisation for promoting the objectives of the conference interpreting profession or those of the Association. In selecting the laureate, the jury shall consider how AIIC will benefit from awarding the prize.

Article 6
Deliberations and vote

In general, the jury deliberations shall take place electronically. The relevant exchanges and arguments are confidential. Members of the jury shall vote individually and communicate the name of their preferred laureate directly to the AIIC Secretariat. The Secretariat shall communicate the numerical result to the President, who transmits it to the jury and initiates a new voting round for all the candidates, except for the one who received the lowest number of votes. This procedure is repeated, until one candidate obtains an absolute majority of the votes. The decision by the jury is not eligible for appeal.

Article 7
Notification of the laureate and presentation of the Prize

The President shall notify the laureate, as well as the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board, of the decision by the jury. The prize shall be presented to the laureate at the opening ceremony of the Assembly by the current President or on any other occasion decided by the Executive Committee. AIIC shall cover the cost of inviting the laureate to this ceremony.

Article 8

The President and the Executive Committee shall organise the procedure within a time frame that enables nominations to be submitted, arguments to be exchanged, the voting rounds to take place and the laureate to be notified and invited.

Article 9
Amendment Procedure

Proposed amendments to the present Regulations shall be adopted by the Executive Committee, by a 2/3 majority of the votes cast.

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