Draft checklist for interpretation over the Internet

Draft checklist of questions one might ask when offered an interpretation assignment over the Internet

Will the assignment involve:

  • Interpretation via the Internet (more often than not interpretation of a telephone conversation) or
  • a conference to be webcast?

    If the latter, the following questions will help establish the working conditions as well as intellectual property rights implications, if any:
  • Are you dealing with a regular conference where part or all of the presentations will be webcast?
  • If not, and the conference is solely for webcast purposes, will the interpreters be at the site of the conference, or in a remote location, such as a studio?
  • In case there is to be an interaction between the main speakers and the audience, by what means and how are the interpreters supposed to be involved?
  • Will the interpreters have a direct view on the speakers? If not, what kind of visual support and aids will be available?
  • What kind of audio link will be provided?
  • Will there be a SI technician available on site?
  • How long will the assignment be?
  • Will there be a written script of the presentation(s) available?
  • Will the webcast be accessible to the public at large or restricted to people with a password?
  • How long will the conference (and the interpretation) remain posted on the website?
  • Will a written version of the interpretation be made available on the webcast

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "Draft checklist for interpretation over the Internet". aiic.net October 11, 2002. Accessed July 11, 2020. <http://aiic.net/p/887>.

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Anne Hupli


Has anyone experience of webcast interpreted presentations that are kept available for the public over a certain period of time in the Internet? How have you charged for this ? How have you guaranteed your copyrights i.e. payment in case the webcast can be downloaded and copied and/or re-used ?

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Elke Limberger


Please correct typo in headline

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