What is a BarCamp?

A quick refresher ahead of the January 2020 PRIMS BarCamp in Lyon

What is a BarCamp?

A BarCamp is an unconference. It is NOT an opportunity to doze in a chair while someone drones on and on at the podium while illegible powerpoint slide after illegible powerpoint slides swim across the screen behind them. No. NO!

A BarCamp is about participation. Everyone who attends must be prepared to share their ideas. There is no separation of expert speakers and passive spectators. There are just active participants!

How does it work?

  1. The first rule of BarCamp is you must talk about BarCamp: tell your friends, your colleagues, your cat, your goldfish. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and blog away. Share the BarCamp love!
  2. It is active: no spectators, only participants. Come prepared to share your ideas, to give a presentation or demo.
  3. You decide what gets discussed: Everyone will propose a topic and can select their preferences - using Sli.do – so the most popular topics will be presented.

  4. There will be two sessions: First, learning and sharing; second, brainstorming new ideas.

  5. Continue the conversation: BarCamp isn’t over when everyone goes home. Keep the dialogue flowing with discussion groups and social media.

How does Sli.do work?

Sli.do is an audience interaction platform that lets participants decide. Using a mobile app, participants can propose topics for discussion and select their preferred topics from the proposals. The most popular topics rise to the top of the list.

Democracy in action, with a little help from technology!

What are the topics for discussion?

Weren’t you listening?! You decide!

In previous AIIC PRIMS BarCamps, some of the topics that were proposed included:

  • How to pack light
  • Record yourself in the booth and listen to yourself!
  • Tips and tricks to manage stress
  • How to prepare faster using flash cards
  • Occupational health
  • Bone transmission headphones

As for Lyon – that’s entirely up to you!

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