Workload study - follow-up workshop

Convenors: Ingrid Kurz & Jennifer Mackintosh, 12 January 2003, 14h.-18h.


2 p.m. Stress – an overview (with slides) Ingrid Kurz
2.30 p.m.

Workload Study – principal findings and areas of follow-up (powerpoint presentation)

Jennifer Mackintosh
3 p.m. Brainstorming session: participants divide into small group to discuss findings and propose follow-up solutions  
4 p.m. Break  
4.30 p.m. Reporting back of groups
General discussion
Recommendations & conclusions
6 p.m. End  

At the beginning of this year AIIC published the report on the Workload Study, which investigated the interaction between four parameters: psychological, physiological, physical and performance and how they affected interpreter well-being and performance. The results were presented at the Private Market Sector meeting in Montevideo (January 2002) and a summary of the results was published in Communicate as well as in the Spring 2002 edition of the Bulletin. The full study is available on the AIIC website and a shortened version (25 pages) has been sent to our main employers and all the organisations that allowed us to conduct the study at their meetings.

We are now in the follow-up stage, during which we hope to involve as many AIIC regions and individual members as possible. What better opportunity that the Porto Assembly ?

Recommended citation format:
Jennifer MACKINTOSH. "Workload study - follow-up workshop". November 21, 2002. Accessed July 11, 2020. <>.

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