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It’s a changing world

Interpreters are not alone in experiencing bewildering change: historical, professional, political, social and environmental. Issue 75 of Communicate! looks at some of the changes that are having an impact on the profession, and how interpreters are meeting the challenge.

The march of history

In Birth of a Profession… in English, Philip Minns introduces the updated and translated edition of Naissance d’une profession, offering an account of how AIIC’s genesis is closely entwined with the story of professional conference interpreting. 100 Years of Conference Interpreting presents Gillian Misener’s impressions of the ILO- and FTI-hosted conference in October 2019, which took a pause at the end of the profession’s first century to reflect on progress and consider what the future holds. Continuing her search for Interpreter Zero, Christine Adams looks at the role interpreters have played throughout history – this time in the accounts of the Schlagintweit brothers’ 1850s exploration of the Himalayas.

A profession in transition… and a transforming brain

In Ubérisation de la profession ou AIIC 2.0 Edgar Weiser looks at the changes to interpreting as a profession, and what role AIIC can play in meeting the attendant challenges. Confidentiality in the age of social media discusses how an increasingly connected world creates new pressures and new opportunities for the profession, but that discretion remains a priority. And in The neuroscience of simultaneous interpretation, neurolinguistics researcher Alexis Hervais-Adelman describes how neurological scans show that the brain undergoes physical adaptation as the result of interpreting training. 

Shifting gear in your career 

Throughout our professional lives we have moments when we need to consider where we’re heading, and how best to get there. Darinka Mangino, in How I survived my professional crisis, explains how a better approach to preparation can help you avert crises and keep your cool when confronted by chaos. In Hanging up the headset, Philip Smith ponders how to decide when and whether to retire.

A changing planet

Environmental change is a major challenge. In The Green Interpreter, Andrew Gillies suggests several ways in which interpreters can reduce their ecological footprint. One way is reducing our single-use plastic container consumption: something that the PRIMS steering committee embraced at its Montreal meeting in August 2019 – described in AIIC joins the refill revolution!

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