Conference interpreters in Italy feel the impact of the health emergency

AIIC Italia joins Italian professional conference interpreter associations in appeal for inclusion in business support measures


The International Association of Conference Interpreters in Italy – AIIC ITALIA, the National Association of Professional Conference Interpreters – ASSOINTERPRETI and the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters – AITI, published in the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) list of associations qualified to issue certificates attesting to the quality of services provided and professional qualification pursuant to Italian Law no. 4/2013, make the following appeal to the relevant national and regional institutions:

Professional conference interpreters are feeling the impact of the health emergency in all regions and cities of Italy, regardless of the presence of centres of infection, by the hour. The associations have begun to carefully monitor all of the meetings and conferences cancelled owing to the health situation. Nevertheless, despite their immense impact, those engagements in the organizational phase, cancelled prior to their announcement, escape this monitoring.

If seen fit, these data can be included in the observation of the whole conference and congress sector, severely affected everywhere, since it is indissolubly bound to people’s mobility: it is a diversified sector, to a large extent comprising single professionals who carry out their profession independently, without other protection.

Hence, we strongly urge the institutions that the measures to support businesses set out by the Italian government as well as the allowances and tax cuts currently being studied by the relevant authorities be extended to the category of professional conference interpreters pursuant to Italian law no. 4/2013, throughout Italy.

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