Appeal to authorities by AIIC, FIT and WASLI

AIIC spearheads call on authorities globally to consider economic implications of coronavirus on conference interpreters and other independent professionals in the language industry

The International Association of Conference Interpreters – AIIC, the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters - WASLI and the International Federation of Translators – FIT make the following appeal to the supranational, international and national organizations and institutions:

Conference interpreters and other conference industry professionals are being hit hard economically by the current global health emergency. The number of countries concerned is increasing every day and the outlook remains highly uncertain worldwide. National event organisers and international organisations are cancelling meetings and conferences across the board, not only in the immediate but also in the medium-term, owing to the health situation and the attendant restrictions to mobility. The affected professionals who make international communication possible are to a very large extent independent freelancers who do not enjoy the same social safeguards as other categories of employees.

Governments are considering or already adopting measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis in a number of sectors, notably tourism and travel, but have so far neglected the independent professionals whose livelihoods directly depend on activity in these sectors.

On behalf of our members, we therefore call on all institutions to make every effort to include independent or freelance interpreters and translators in any and all economic, social, tax and other measures aimed at alleviating the severely negative impact of the situation.

Uroš PETERC             Kevin QUIRK              Dr. Christopher STONE

President AIIC            President FIT              President WASLI


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Executive Committee. "Appeal to authorities by AIIC, FIT and WASLI". March 6, 2020. Accessed July 10, 2020. <>.

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Is this being sent to governmental authorities? In what languages?

This is a very good initiative by ExCo, but it has to be circulated in various languages, otherwise it might just be overlook by recipients.

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