First contract: WIPO

First contract at WIPO : practical information

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)


34, chemin des Colombettes
P.O. Box 18
CH- 1211 Geneva 20

Bus 5 and 8, stop "Nations", bus 11 and 22, stop "UIT".
Tram 13 and 15, stop "Nations".

WIPO or UN badge required for access.

Chief Interpreter

Mrs Christina Fertis
Tel.: +41-22 338 73 21
Answerphone for all assignments: +41-22 338 93 29

Working languages

UN languages plus Portuguese passive at the WIPO Assembly, German (active and passive) at UPOV.

Meeting Rooms and Access 

WIPO is on the Place des Nations, the main entrance is Chemin des Colombettes. Nations car park is close, cost c. CHF 20/day. Two main meeting rooms, A and B, are on the ground floor with booth access to room A on the first floor and to room B on the ground floor.
Meeting rooms on the first floor (rooms and booths on same level): Baumer, Uchtenhagen.
New meeting rooms around mezzanine : green room, red room. New conference room "Conference Hall" or "New Conference hall" on the first floor (access to booths on 2nd floor).
New building, also on Chemin des Colombettes, with meeting room Nr 0.107.Cafeteria available.

WIPO administers UPOV (French acronym for "Union for the Protection of new Varieties of Plants").

Administrative matters and Pay

All administrative matters are dealt with by the Chief Interpreter. Documents are generally available for interpreters assigned to a meeting and can be consulted or downloaded from The URLs are sent several days before the meeting. Glossaries, conventions and other basic texts are kept in the booths.

Payment is by bank transfer.

WIPO has a large cafeteria in the PCT building. There is a Cybercafe on the 1st floor of the building where the meeting rooms are situated and on the 13th floor there are tables, chairs, drinks and snacks vending machines and there is a wonderful view.

WIPO is covered by the AIIC-UN agreement


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