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2003 Cambridge conference interpretation course

Refresher course for professional conference interpreters 19th intensive course in the practice of simultaneous Date: from 17 to 30 August 2003 Place: Cambridge, England

Course Directors:

Tom Afton, Head of Interpretation Division, OECD
Alexander Bartchenkov, freelance interpreter
Michèle Bo Bramsen, staff interpreter, OECD
Christopher Guichot de Fortis, Senior Interpreter, NATO
Doris Kirsch, Senior Interpreter, NATO
Ingrid Kurz, freelance interpreter
Reiner Peters, Head Language Services, German Delegation, NATO
Julia Poger, freelance interpreter
Maria Stella Vergara Bacci di Capaci, freelance interpreter
Sergio Viaggio, Chief Interpreter, UN Vienna

Please note this course is specifically designed for conference interpreters only

This annual refresher course for professional interpreters provides an excellent student/teacher ratio. Participants will receive tuition based on their interpretation of guest speakers. A wide range of general and technical subjects will be briefed under authentic conference conditions. In addition to the core curriculum, there will be daily, specialised tuition in a variety of fields (e.g., consecutive, on-sight translation, use and preparation of texts, booth and stress management, marketing and negotiation, interpreting approaches to Shakespeare and the Bible, etc.) and briefings on AIIC, the international institutions, and the profession.

There are three Course packages:

  • Tuition only;
  • Tuition & Hotel B&B Accommodation;
  • Tuition & Hotel Full Board Accommodation.

Course languages are English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. The language of general instruction is English. Early enrolment is advisable.

For information, detailed course brochure and application forms, please contact:

Christopher Guichot de Fortis
Tel: +32-2-654 20 80
Fax: +32-2-652 58 26

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Julia POGER-GUICHOT DE FORTIS. "2003 Cambridge conference interpretation course". January 27, 2003. Accessed May 27, 2020. <>.


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Could you please give me some information about the cost of this course .

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Could you post some information on the cost foreseen for each possibility, i.e tuition, board and tuition, etc.?

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Juan Miguel Ortega Herráez


Could you please provide me with the actual fees for the refresher seminar? Have you got the final program of the course?

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M.J.Duran Kremer


Could you please give me as soon as possible more information about costs, registration, etc.?

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zhou ying


1.Can we have a rough idea of the cost of each package?

2. Is it possible to have Chinese on the menu as well?

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