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Three cups of language

At a popular bar in Tainan (Taiwan), a Polish-Canadian girl was celebrating her graduation from the International MBA program. She spoke English at near native level, with only an occasional hint of her Polish origin. Two new IMBA students had been invited to the party; they had just arrived from Poland and were happy to have found one of the few people on the island who spoke their language.

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Learning that awful foreign language: a Brooklyn linguist looks at how we acquire languages

"I hate people who know how to do things." This may sound like a quote from Pol Pot, who, upon seizing power in Cambodia, executed 100% of that country's intellectuals. But, in actuality, this quote was an epitaph that I carved in my mahogany desk, with a rather large Bowie knife, after listening to the network guy at my company drone on for two hours about Internet spiders and search-network-megabytes, giga, hard drive, external, USP....

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