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Interpreter: an ‘innocuous’ profession?

As I read Vargas Llosa's latest book, The Bad Girl (La niña mala), I wondered if Robert Burns was right when he wrote: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursel's as others see us!" [i]

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Letter from the Editor – standardisation and quality

AIIC developed professional standards knowing that working conditions affect quality - and thus communication. In the 1970's, the association collaborated with the EU and ISO in elaborating technical standards for built-in booths and sound equipment (ISO 2603), and later extended that cooperation to mobile installations (ISO 4043). Further efforts to understand and promote quality have continued with AIIC-sponsored projects such as the Work Load Study. This collective concern with quality is also felt individually by members, perhaps in ways that might surprise some.

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On the use of standardised booths for optimal interpreting quality

An interpreter will seldom be able to ensure a satisfactory performance without having a good command of languages and appropriate training.  But what about external factors, such as the standardisation of interpreting booths and other factors totally beyond the interpreter's control?  What influence do they have on the performance of even the most seasoned interpreters, and what can AIIC do to help ensure satisfactory working conditions for its members (and non-members)?

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How is your business organised?

In 1984 a NAS-AIIC working party was set up to study "groups of conference interpreters" - i.e. the different ways in which individual freelance interpreters had joined forces with the intention of organising their markets more effectively and to counteract growing "grey market" competitors. The working party carried out a survey among the AIIC membership and presented the results at the Berlin Assembly that year. A report was subsequently published in the September 1984 issue of the AIIC Bulletin.

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