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Carry on

Travel light: advice heard from day one but not so easy to follow. As a budding interpreter I felt the need to carry a complete set of age - and interest - appropriate “civilian” clothing in addition to my businesswear, so I habitually found myself lumbered with a backpack stuffed with jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and martial arts outfits – but no underwear!

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Literally right

Veronica Perez Guarnieri's advice to “stay as literal as possible” when interpreting at depositions seems to have ruffled a few feathers, to judge by the feedback received. Here are some quick takes on literalness in technical interpretation.

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Do your glossaries excel?

Interpreters love glossaries, for preparation at home and for work in the booth. But we need them to be more than a list of hard-to-navigate terms; we want them to work for us and not make us work for them. Using a spreadsheet can fill the bill.

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A further talk with new members

Why do interpreters join AIIC? What misgivings may they have about it? What do they expect from their professional association? An assembly is a good place to single out new members and ask them these and related questions.

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