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Exploring media interpreting

Interpreting for the media differs from interpreting at a conference, and working for live news programmes brings into play critical factors that must be taken into account. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved.

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Tout ce que vous pourriez trouver sur Internet sans avoir jamais cherché.

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One world, one language?

Barbarians! That's what the Roman Empire, in its latter days, called the Germanic tribes migrating south. The Romans had borrowed the word from the Greek barbaros, meaning 'unable to speak intelligibly', just well enough to stammer 'bar-bar-bar'.

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OMC recherche traducteur de langue française

Le Secrétariat de l'OMC désire pourvoir des postes de traducteur de langue française. Toutes les personnes qualifiées, sans distinction de sexe, sont invitées à présenter leur candidature. Les fonctionnaires du Secrétariat que ces postes intéresseraient sont également invités à présenter leur candidature.

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Communicate! one year down the road

This is the 9th issue of Communicate! since we launched one year ago. It seems like a good time for us at AIIC to look back at what we have achieved, consider what to do next and ask what you think.

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Advanced searching on the www

In a previous article, we indicated how useful the World Wide Web can be for conference preparation. This month, we will be describing some advanced search techniques to help you forage for relevant information on the Web.

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IÜD Heidelberg to close

The IÜD Heidelberg, one of the oldest and most prestigious training institutions for conference interpreters, is about to be closed. The local Minister has decided that conference interpreters can be trained at a non-university level. At a time when most institutes are offering postgraduate courses (ETI, ESIT, FASK, etc.) this decision comes as a real blow. You can make a difference by writing to the Minister and ask him to reconsider his decision.