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Interpretation at videoconferences – what’s the big deal?

It is said that interpreters do not like to interpret videoconferences, and you may wonder why. Well, the main reason is, or was, that the sound and images transmitted through a videolink into the conference room were often poor and faulty, e.g. the sound fades or drops away completely for a few seconds, or the image is not synchronised with the sound. All this makes it even harder for interpreters to do an already difficult job.

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The Porto assembly

What AIIC for the future? The 32nd Assembly of AIIC is just around the corner, set for 13 -16 January 2003 in Porto, Portugal.

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The role of ethics in a deregulated 21st century

The advantage of ethical principles is that they are general, they are guidelines, they can adapt to different cultures and situations without losing their essence.

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