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Annuaire des Interprètes-Conseils AIIC

Un Interprète-Conseil est un interprète de conférence qui est prêt à vous faire bénéficier de ses compétences en matière d’organisation de services d’interprétation.

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Business practices and organisation of conference interpreters

"No, I don't work for this company. I'm self-employed and work freelance." "Well, it's not an agency, actually. We run it ourselves..." "No, consultant interpreter doesn't mean that I advise colleagues on how to translate. Let me explain..."

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How is your business organised?

In 1984 a NAS-AIIC working party was set up to study "groups of conference interpreters" - i.e. the different ways in which individual freelance interpreters had joined forces with the intention of organising their markets more effectively and to counteract growing "grey market" competitors. The working party carried out a survey among the AIIC membership and presented the results at the Berlin Assembly that year. A report was subsequently published in the September 1984 issue of the AIIC Bulletin.

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