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Quality and role: the professionals’ view

"What is quality in conference interpreting?" - "Ask a professional!" That is what H. Bühler did in the 1980s, but hardly anybody has done so since. While surveys on user expectations, including one commissioned by AIIC, have yielded rich findings, no systematic research has allowed conference interpreting professionals to have their say on the matter. Interpreting researchers at the University of Vienna are trying to change this, using state-of-the-art technology to literally give a voice to the profession.

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How interpreting is perceived by users

AIIC's Research Committee organised a survey of how the interpretation service is perceived by users. Jennifer Mackintosh, Project Co-ordinator, reports.

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Survey on expectations of users of conference interpretation

Final report January 1995 Commissioned by AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) Produced by S R Z Stadt + Regionalforschung GmbH Lindengasse 26/2/3 A-1070 Vienna, Austria Tel: +41-222-523 89 53 Fax: +41-222-523 89 535

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Workload study: What it tells us about our job

Psychological, physiological, physical and performance factors were explored in this study exploring stress and the work environment of professional conference interpreters.

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