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L’interprète de conférence, Cet Inconnu

Un livre inédit de Stefan Priacel qui débuta sa carrière avec les Procès de Nuremberg pour travailler ensuite aux Nations Unies. Plus tard, il enseigna à l'Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs de l'Université de Paris (ESIT).

The Birth of a Profession

This book maps the adventure of turning a trade into a genuine profession: The first sixty years of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

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Les interprètes dans la fiction : The Interpreter de Suki Kim

Bon nombre d'interprètes ont eu une enfance multilingue et un parcours de vie multiculturel. L'essentiel est de ne pas y perdre son âme, comme le dit ce père coréen à ses filles dans l’œuvre de Suki Kim: «You must never forget your language; once you do, you no longer have a home.»

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Book review: Island of Dreams by Aline Tayar

Three cousins, one an interpreter, return to Malta from disparate lives in different countries when their elderly aunts can no longer look after themselves or the ancestral home. Their reunion leads to an examination of family history, memory, language and identity, themes that effortlessly intertwine in this novel by an AIIC member.

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Mâcher du coton

Comme nous le montrent les impressions d’un de nos collègues, rédigées dans les années 1970, rien n’a changé dans le monde de l’interprétation vu des cabines.

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Interpretation as a spur to knowledge

Although Laura Bertone warns us in the preface that her book “... is not a technical treatise on interpretation subjects…” and “… has not been specifically designed for teaching interpretation...” the author draws on many years experience as a professional interpreter; her material, analysis and commentary are a wink of complicity to readers from an interpreting background, although the book is certainly of potential interest to a wider readership.

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Language in the news

Find out who has published memoirs, why top prizes can’t be awarded, and what rats, monkeys and humans have in common.

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The many pleasures of reading

For those who cannot survive on bodice-rippers alone and would like to widen their reading horizons in English, I thought you might be interested in a project the BBC is currently running.

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The booth bookshelf

Ever wonder what conference interpreters read in their leisure time? Here's a sample across four continents.

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