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AIIC in Casablanca

A meeting of AIIC's Private Market Sector brought together interpreters from around the world to discuss market developments, standards & working conditions, and the challenges of a changing world.

Business clients

'Business clients' is a general term, covering all clients for whom freelance interpreters work except national/international governmental organisations.

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Interpretation and certification

Is certification just a buzzword, a passing trend? Must the interpreting community pay reverence to it regardless of who does the certifying? Or has it become just a synonym for qualified? No one answer will suffice; interpreters need to examine the underlying question: how can we ensure what clients, users and practitioners all want: quality.

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The business of conference interpreting in a changing environment

Conference interpreters are often perceived as individualists but quite the opposite is true. The way multilingual events are organised today means that we need to interact with many different parties. But do we all really know each other? An AIIC gathering with PCO representatives in January 2010 in Rome provided some surprising answers to the question.

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Private market/inter-regional meeting in Bangkok: revival of the silk road?

The Private Market Sector's next meeting will be held in Bangkok from 19 to 21 January 2007, jointly with an Inter-Regional Meeting of the Asia-Pacific and Turkish Regions. One might wonder what these two AIIC regions at opposite ends of Asia have in common. No doubt the participants will come up with some interesting answers over the three days.

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You don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.

I had the good fortune and good sense to attend AIIC's German Region sales workshop in the days prior to the AIIC Private Market Sector meeting in Cologne, Germany in July. With nary a Teutonic anything, save some ancestry, in my quiver, I was curious to see how well I would navigate the waters of ze fazerland.

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