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The Real Value of Interpreting

What do people find so hard about communicating with interpreters? Why is it difficult? What’s going on? In search of an answer, I began to compare community and conference interpreting. In each setti

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Related professions

Apart from AIIC's core business of conference interpreting, various other occupations fall under the general heading of interpretation. These include sign interpretation, social and medical interpretation, court interpretation, and several others. A few distinctions need to be made.

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Interpreting is interpreting – or is it?

Analysis of the different types of interpreting shows that regardless of the adjective preceding the word "interpreter," practitioners of this profession the world over perform the same service and should meet the same standards of competence.

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Interpreting in the News

Updates on endangered languages and community interpreting, a day in the life of an EU interpreter and tidbits on this interpreting life.

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Community interpreting

Community or social service interpreting takes place in a great variety of settings and demands good interpersonal skills as well as linguistic and cultural knowledge.