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Congress Rental Network sponsored the Addis Ababa Assembly

An interview with our Addis Ababa sponsors

For the 3rd time running, Congress Rental Network have sponsored the AIIC Assembly. Vincent Buck talks to CRN’s Renata Papadimitriou about how Bosch conference technology contributed to our success

Equipment suppliers and technicians talk to interpreters

If interpreters often feel overlooked, how must our neighbors behind the sound desk feel? I’ve always wondered how these people who keep everything running see their work, so I started asking. At the top of their wish list: lighter booths and easy room access. Along the way I noticed they also appreciate considerate interpreters.

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On the use of standardised booths for optimal interpreting quality

An interpreter will seldom be able to ensure a satisfactory performance without having a good command of languages and appropriate training.  But what about external factors, such as the standardisation of interpreting booths and other factors totally beyond the interpreter's control?  What influence do they have on the performance of even the most seasoned interpreters, and what can AIIC do to help ensure satisfactory working conditions for its members (and non-members)?

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Technical standards in interpreting: at work in Turkey

Recently the Turkish Region of AIIC, in collaboration with the BKTD, our national association of conference interpreters, decided to focus attention on professional development and communication with other stakeholders. The reasons are clear: good training and professionalism alone do not ensure high quality service; pre-conference coordination and proper equipment are essential to our work. Thus communication with equipment suppliers and professional conference organisers (PCOs) is important. A collective effort offers a better chance of success.

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L'environnement de travail de l'interprète de conférence

Les conditions de travail, physiques et techniques de l'interprète de conférence sont établies par l'AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence). Ce travail, réalisé par la Commission technique, consiste, pour une bonne part, à traduire ces conditions dans les normes. L'AIIC explique dans cet article les raisons qui l'ont amenée à aller dans le sens de la normalisation de l'environnement de travail de l'interprète de conférence.

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Hotels as conference venues

Good conference interpretation is one of the many services clients look for when they book conference facilities. As a conference hotel manager, you will want to be sure that your clients are satisfied with the interpretation provided at your venue. Here are some points to bear in mind:

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What about monitors in SI booths?

Monitors are not a good substitute for a direct view of the room and should only be used under exceptional circumstances as visual support. There are other important factors involved in interpretation, apart from just hearing the speakers' voices.

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The THC's technical activities

The members of the THC act as consultants with builders, planners, developers, architects, operators of convention centres, technicians, etc. insofar as installations for simultaneous interpretation are concerned. Our work in this area is based on the following standards:

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