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AIIC in Warsaw

A meeting of AIIC's Private Market Sector brought interpreters of all stripes to the capital of Poland for discussions on freelance interpreting, market challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

Orwell for Interpreters

Dealing in rhetoric is part of a conference interpreter’s job, and many of us have a taste for it. Let’s take a look at that with a nod to George Orwell

The Real Value of Interpreting

What do people find so hard about communicating with interpreters? Why is it difficult? What’s going on? In search of an answer, I began to compare community and conference interpreting. In each setti

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Interpreting is not translating

Interpreters are often referred to as "translators" and people are not always aware of the difference between the two professions. How are they different?

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Conference interpreting

Throughout history, people of different languages and cultures have made use of interpretation to communicate with and understand each other.

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Interpreting explained

What it is interpreting? How is it different to translation? How does it work, where does it take place? Find out all about interpreting.

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What is interpreting?

There are still a lot of misconceptions about the profession

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Interpreting is interpreting – or is it?

Analysis of the different types of interpreting shows that regardless of the adjective preceding the word "interpreter," practitioners of this profession the world over perform the same service and should meet the same standards of competence.

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