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Interprète ou diva, même combat

Qu'il s'agisse de faire ses premiers pas ou de vivre ses vieux jours à l'abri du besoin, il y a bien des points communs entre les interprètes, qu'ils soient lyriques ou linguistiques.

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Phrase and Fable

Ace reporter Lucky Lou in conversation with one of the English booth’s senior citizens about interpreting age-old sayings from around the world.

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Sorting things out

We interpreters tend to keep a lot of papers and jottings, just in case, but sometimes it feels good to sort and throw things out.

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Watts it all about?

Light on or light off? Not what – or where – you’re thinking – this is a family publication that our mothers might read.

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Being prepared

This month Phil Smith plants his feet on the ground, his chin on his fist and his eyes on the past to explain to us the arcane relationships between scouting and conference interpreting.

Plane talking

OK - you've heard about the demanding work of a conference interpreter and all the preparations that go into it. But what happens after the conference is over? What does the typical freelancer think a