Something old, something new … A review of Conference Interpreting: A Complete Course by R. Setton and A. Dawrant

My overall impression of the book is altogether positive: Setton and Dawrant’s Complete Course is the best-argued and most thoroughly explained training manual I have read to date, addressing most if not all aspects (closely or loosely) related to conference interpreter training.

Letter from the Editor;Keep Language Programs Open

When I read that the Westminster MA Conference Interpreting course had been shut down, I was struck dumb. Should I offer my condolences to all who had worked hard to make it a premier choice among post-grad interpreter training programs? Or should I feel vicariously relieved that a group of hard-working colleagues would no longer have to deal with bureaucrats incapable of grasping the import of what they were doing?

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Plane talking

OK - you've heard about the demanding work of a conference interpreter and all the preparations that go into it. But what happens after the conference is over? What does the typical freelancer think a

The many pleasures of reading

For those who cannot survive on bodice-rippers alone and would like to widen their reading horizons in English, I thought you might be interested in a project the BBC is currently running.

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