Something old, something new … A review of Conference Interpreting: A Complete Course by R. Setton and A. Dawrant

My overall impression of the book is altogether positive: Setton and Dawrant’s Complete Course is the best-argued and most thoroughly explained training manual I have read to date, addressing most if not all aspects (closely or loosely) related to conference interpreter training.

Letter from the Editor;Keep Language Programs Open

When I read that the Westminster MA Conference Interpreting course had been shut down, I was struck dumb. Should I offer my condolences to all who had worked hard to make it a premier choice among post-grad interpreter training programs? Or should I feel vicariously relieved that a group of hard-working colleagues would no longer have to deal with bureaucrats incapable of grasping the import of what they were doing?

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Plane talking

OK - you've heard about the demanding work of a conference interpreter and all the preparations that go into it. But what happens after the conference is over? What does the typical freelancer think a

Die Faszination eines Lebens in Zwischenräumen

Ein Dokumentarfilmer über Dolmetscher Meister der Verständigung oder melancholische Einzelgänger? Vom Wunsch nach Erkenntnis beseelte vergeistigte Wesen oder Seismographen historischer Prozesse? Von allem etwas und noch viel mehr, meint David Bernet, der gerade an einem Dokumentarfilm über vier Generationen von Konferenzdolmetschern arbeitet.  Vincent Buck sprach mit David Bernet bei den Dreharbeiten in Brüssel.

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The many pleasures of reading

For those who cannot survive on bodice-rippers alone and would like to widen their reading horizons in English, I thought you might be interested in a project the BBC is currently running.

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