AIIC Basic Texts - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

AIIC Basic Texts

Rules and regulations that govern AIIC and AIIC membership.

AIIC History -

AIIC History

As the only international association of conference interpreters, AIIC enjoys a long history and claims to be a reference point in all matters related to our profession.

AIIC Statistics - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

AIIC Statistics

AIIC and the interpreting market in figures.

Collective Agreements -

Collective Agreements

Working conditions and remuneration rates negotiated between AIIC and international organisations.

Conference facilities, equipment & standards -

Conference facilities, equipment & standards

More about interpreting booths, remote conferencing, sound quality and applicable standards.

Conference Markets - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

Conference Markets

An ongoing series on major city and national markets – from the practioners’ mouths.

Consultants Interpreters -

Consultants Interpreters

AIIC-accredited consultants help organise the best interpreting solution for your event and requirements.

Court interpreting -

Court interpreting

Interpreting at national and international courts is an important and expanding activity and implies a special responsibility for interpreters because human rights – and indeed the right to a fair trial – are at stake.

Freelancing for international organisations -

Freelancing for international organisations

Everything you need to know if you freelance for large institutional clients.

Health matters - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

Health matters

All pages related to the long-term health concerns of interpreters.

History of the profession - Photographic credits : Nuremberg photo gallery

History of the profession

Looking back at the early years of conference interpreting.

Interpreting for business -

Interpreting for business

Resources and pointers for interpreters freelancing on the private market and their clients.

Interpreting in conflict zones - (c) wikicommons, licensed for use on

Interpreting in conflict zones

AIIC's concern for the plight of the many interpreters who risk their lives in combat - or face conflict in other ways.

Interpreting News - (c- - licensed for use on

Interpreting News

Interpreting news receives ample coverage on The profession’s latest developments, collective bargaining, industry events, and trends in technology will give you an overall view of what's to come.

Interpreting research - (c) Ftololia, licensed for use on

Interpreting research

Insights into interpreting – the process, the work environment, and the interplay between the two.

Iso standards -

Iso standards

Information on the booths and sound systems that will provide optimum conditions for effective cross-cultural communication.

Remote Interpreting - (c) Fotlolia, licensed for use on

Remote Interpreting

Views, research findings, and guidelines on remote interpreting - what it is, how it works, and what is needed for it to work well.

Sign Language Interpreting -

Sign Language Interpreting

Information and opinions on professional issues.

Staff Interpreters - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

Staff Interpreters

Resources and pointers for interpreters employed by international organisations and government.

Starting in the profession - (c) Fotolia. Licensed for use on

Starting in the profession

Resources and pointers for budding and junior interpreters.

This interpreting life - (c) Fotolia, licensed for use on

This interpreting life

Interviews and articles of and by professional interpreters for everyone.

Tips for conference organisers and goers - (c) Fotolia. Licensed for use on

Tips for conference organisers and goers

A selection of AIIC checklists to make your multilingual event a success.

Training & Professional Development -

Training & Professional Development

Resources about the curriculum in conference interpreting.

Training of trainers -

Training of trainers

Each year, AIIC Training organises seminars for trainers of conference interpreters.